Pawsitively Pets
"Your Pet's Other Best Friend"
Providing Professional Pet Sitting In Your Home
Areas We Proudly Serve:
Southeast Antioch
Paws-itively Pets Professional Pet Sitting is locally
owned and operated and has been in business
since 2001.  We are Licensed, Insured, Bonded
and Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR by the
American Red Cross.
We are proud to have been
voted "Best of Brentwood" for Pet Sitting Services

Pets are loved members of your family, and they
deserve quality attention and knowledgeable
care in your absence.  Experience matters
.  We
understand just how hard it is to leave your pets
behind when you travel!  As professional pet
sitters, we are dedicated in providing the highest
level of quality care for your pets.   Now you can
leave town  knowing your pets will be safe and
well cared for in the comfort and safety of your
own home.  Now in our 1
6th year of business
being "Your Pet's Other Best Friend"!
             Shelley and Casey
Why Choose a Professional Pet Sitter????
Advantages For Your Pet:
  • Reduced Stress - Your pet stays in its own familiar secure environment with all the sights, smells and sounds
    that say "Home"!
  • No Travel Trauma - One of my worst experiences was having to leave my dog Casey at a boarding facility while
    we took a one week vacation. I went in and inspected the facility and it seemed clean and OK. Some dogs  
    LOVE all the barking and interaction!  We arrived to pick her up and  the facility said she was just fine and was
    really good.  Once we had her in the car we saw she had chewed a 2 inch "hot spot" on her leg.  The boarding
    facility failed to tell us this.  I felt so GUILTY!!  We went straight to our Vet, and he  told me to never board her
    again, use a pet sitter next time because she was a family dog.  Never having heard of a pet sitter before, I
    researched this profession and found there was a great need for people providing this service.
  • Health Concerns - Minimal exposure to illness from other animals.  
  • TLC - Most importantly, your pet receives individual love and attention while you are away.  We do things on their
    schedules!   My favorite reply from clients upon their return is that their pets are very relaxed and their pets are  
    actually missing our visits!!  The pets just gobble up the individual attention we provide!!
Advantages for You:
  • No Travel Trauma - You can leave town without the guilt!  
  • No Imposition - You don't have to impose on a friend, neighbor or relative to care for your pets. We know how
    hard this is to constantly ask favors!!   Instead, you can rely on Pawsitively Pets to put your pet's needs first.  
    Many times we have received calls from concerned pet owners because family/neighbors have forgotten their
    commitments.  We confirm prior to your departure to make sure we are there for every single visit!  
  • Security - Your home is made more secure by the crime deterrent services provided.   We care for your home
    like it was ours!
  • Special Services - We can provide additional home services while caring for your pet, such as water plants
    and bringing in the mail.  Just ask....we most likely do it!!
  • Peace of Mind - While you're away, we want you to feel confident your pet are in capable, caring hands.